The Burnt Bench is a work created under the concept of impromptu carpenting.

The result: chairs made up of combined bits and ends of reclaimed wood, where the material is left unaltered and its raw shape guides its creation.

It is not a predetermined idea but more so an improvisational constructive system where the material informs the design, and not the other way around. Hence, this piece of furniture is not designed as much as it is discovered. Once the bench has been “found” by piecing it together, the act of burning it, instead of destroying it, it transforms the material and gives it a new aspect, a new palpability and, in a way, a new life.

This carpentry system challenges both, the designers relationship to the material and the process, and the users initial approximation and use of the final product. Discarded rustic scraps and pieces that were once a part of something else come together in fine carpentry unions and are finally burnt as a means to question established preconceived notions of furniture use, upcycling reclaimed wood and design.