Steel 1020 3mm, powder coating painting
Limited editions of 5 + 1 prototype
Price upon request


In our practice, we try to explore the forms existing below a project, questioning the critical shapes beyond which it is unclear if the production is a building or an object. We aim to freeze projects right before their completion.

Following this attitude, we are producing shapes without functions, potentially used in an endless number of ways. This state of incompleteness endows projects with a singular presence. The shapes are often explicitly showing the operations their primary material went through but stay mute as to the way they could be used.

When designing objects, we try to reach a point where the project shows both the character of a mere sample of material and that of a recognizable object. At first, the object doesn’t refer to any known concept to describe it.

Only through repeated use will it find a suited name.

About the clothes airer, we have tried to avoid any assemblage of material and wanted to keep the object as a functional abstract shape, which can be used as a clothes airer and in many other ways. The production of this object is only based on one non-human action : the cutting of a brushed aliminium plate based on a digital drawing.

From the raw material to the object boths details and general structure are build by this unique action.

photo credits:
©Felipe Fontecilla