Birch Plywood, Mirror, White Coated Light Bulb
Limited editions of 5 + 1 prototype
Price upon request


This sculpture is a dressing table.

It is inspired by the fusion of Courtney’s work Island, (2009) and a Ivan work  Vanities (2017). Both artists have worked together and independently the concept of the dressing table as a solitary station for reflection. Although it is considered an obsolete object today, the dressing table is typically associated with the feminine world, beauty and intimate adornment. The work rescues this rare object with a romantic-nostalgic function, but eliminates the image of the reflected goddess, thus creating an isolated space of deep contemplation.

The furniture is constructed by isosceles triangles of decreasing sizes and geometric subdivisions. It is made of plywood, with all exposed surfaces covered in light blue formica. There is a mirror, perpendicular to the main "table" of the vanity with three vials, one at each angle. The furniture has several surfaces but no drawer or cabinet. The dressing table is accompanied by a single triangular bench, which can be fitted into the triangular voids of the main object.

photo credits:
©Felipe Fontecilla