This is a proposal not of “furniture for people” but “furniture by people”.
And this is an experiment how we can give form to domain of our daily life that is a pile of small events as well as can think furniture as a thing or a tool.

People discover expansion and contraction of domains around this furniture when there is someone and they put various things relating to life. It means that this furniture can provide hundreds of specific stories by who uses it. We aimed a piece of furniture as an open-ended environment not that would be a backbone of places in a closed room but can generates unseen contexts where it’s set.

At the same time, we aimed a piece of furniture that can awaken the power to arrange a place, create the quality and grow it, which is inherent in human beings. Old Japanese houses were constructed by patching a great variety of materials in the right place, at the right time; from soft and fragile textures like paper or fabric that are intimate with our body, to rough and wild textures like clay or stone that are not smooth.
That is to say, they supported life and domain of the people through five senses as well as sight.

This furniture is also constructed by intentionally using bumpy and inconsistent details to materials that have many kinds of textures.