SC.45.120.AC.BL.1 (2")

It is a circular surface (1), 45 cm tall, 120 cm in diameter, made with 2” steel angles and laminated sheet surface, with white powder coating, and a leveling foot on each leg. Its design is simple and generic, it is proportioned so that its use is ambiguous, and it works as an almost temporary piece to test different spatial dynamics.

This piece of furniture is part of a larger research project, started in 2013, about made-to-measure furniture that allows users to test different spatial dynamics without having to hire an architect. Four years ago, we opened a space called MUEBLES SULLIVAN (2) where we sold this pieces. It also worked as a cafe and karaoke bar, and we used it as a public extension of our architecture office.(3)


  1. We call it a surface instead of, for instance, a stool, a chair, a bench, a table or a bar to avoid preordaining its use.

  2. See Case Study 19 (MUEBLES SULLIVAN) in In 2017, we closed the physical MUEBLES SULLIVAN space, but it still functions through

  3. Our physical infrastructure consists of two parts: a private one that functions as an office, laboratory, school, archive, and house –an architectural typology currently in development that we temporarily name mansion-studio– and a network of subspaces that we use as a public extension. 
    We define as a subspace a physical and/or digital model, 1:1 scale, developed to contribute actively to the ongoing research on space: social models, experiments, patient construction-demolition, constant motion, space-events, constructed situations, long-term discourse, public infrastructure, offices...; viable, changing, ambiguous, lacking in hierarchies, free!. 
    Active subspaces (as of 2018): a bar (La Pípí), an art gallery (Galería La Esperanza), an online radio station (Radio Amigos), a cafe (CAFÉ ZENA), and a print shop (MACOLEN). 
    Inactive subspaces (as of 2018): a furniture store and cafe (MUEBLES SULLIVAN), an experimental park and cafe (Parque Experimental El Eco), a cafe inside an art fair (CAFÉ DES ARTISTES), a cafe during a museum exhibition (CAFÉ (ARCHIVO), an empalme stand in an open market (LOS EMPALMES), and two convenience stores (CBR).